There are some great kit cars which reflect the iconic designs of the early 1960’s. Many of these kit cars are based on BMW Z3 donor cars which provide a reliable platform to work on. The thing about kit cars, as you probably already know, is that getting the basic kit and the donor is only the first step. Apart from putting all the bits together there’s the question of ‘what happens next?’

In our case we decided to keep on making things better, our activities focus exclusively on making parts for the kit car community, we do not build cars. All of the items that we have developed are for Z3 based kit cars. If you have a Z3 kit then this is the place to look. If you have a different kit you may still find some of our items to be of use. Our replacement rear lens fits the MGB / Lucas 676 housing and the stainless steel reflectors are universal. Door and boot handles, also in stainless steel, will suit many classic and vintage cars.

We established Grassbank Conversions Limited to offer our products to others in the kit car community. Our products address issues which the basic kits don’t deal with such as fibreglass moldings which help to weatherproof the engine bay or to hide the lower part of the windscreen where our high chrome wiper arms rest. We have developed stainless steel window frames which allow the original Z3 electric windows to be used in the coupe version of a popular kit and a very classy replacement for the rear window of the same model which has a transformative impact on the overall appearance of the car.

We have developed stainless steel bumpers and radiator cowls along with a radiator grill, also in stainless steel. Our attention has recently turned to the interior and we are pleased to be able to launch our ‘Interior kit’ which you can indulge in as much or as little as you choose. We have created a seven piece instrument set which re-uses the BMW mechanisms and houses them in classic style instrument cases. The instruments sit very nicely in our dashboard which has been designed not only to look good but to be easy to install. Getting access to the instruments without having to remove the entire dashboard is one aspect, another is the simplicity of the design which means that applying leather (or vinyl) to the dashboard top falls into the domain of the kit builder rather than another job to farm out to the trim shop. That thinking and level of detail has been applied to all of our interior kit items which include a full carpet set, a centre console with lifting glove box, even down to our retro gear lever and knob.

We are pleased to offer our own range of engineered developments which have been designed to help you to turn your classic 60’s style tourer into a striking, solid, complete and eminently drivable car. Take a look at the attention to detail, in terms of finish and purpose, which we have created through a labour of love.

Our desire to improve the end product remains constant and we aim to share with you new features which improve both the car’s looks and its functionality. Developing these products isn’t easy but buying them can be. Our website, gives you the opportunity to browse and order any (or all) of the items that we have developed along with a couple that we have chosen (such as the dished wire wheels) because they just weren’t available in the market.

We hope you enjoy looking around the site and find something to help make your kit a better car. If we haven’t already done so we soon will add a couple of sentences on each product’s page describing why we felt it was necessary to develop that particular product. Some times it isn’t obvious so please read on.

And don’t forget to check back every so often to see what’s new and what we’ve put on offer as the deal of the month.

Back to the drawing board. Our SNAP exhausts have been re-tooled for manufacturability and that authentic appearance


We have redesigned and re-tooled our SNAP exhaust tips. Made from 316L stainless steel and then mirror polished these items, whilst undoubtedly expensive, really help to set the car apart.

SNAP internal 1
SNAP Length