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£100 off wire wheels

One of the subtle differences between Classic European sport cars and British one is the wheels. In the 50’s and 60’s if you made a sports car then you had to dress it with wire wheels but whereas the Europeans tended to go for a 15″ centre laced wheel the Brits went for a 16″ front laced wheel.

It has to be said too that sometimes a 15″ wheel doesn’t quite fill the wheel arch and so for some European styled kits along with some newly emerging British classics, we’ve decided to offer 16″ x 6″ front laced 72 spoke wire wheel. Better still, we’re offering £100 off a full set of wheels, spinners and hub adaptors (and you still get your lead hammer). We’re limiting this offer to the first two orders that are placed through this site so you know the routine, if you want the deal grab it while it’s still available.

Stock is expected to arrive with us by mid June so get the order placed and we’ll keep you in the loop.

These new wheels sit alongside out deep dished, centre laced 15″ x 7″ wire wheels which suit the European classic cars. We also offer the 15″ x 6″ front laced wheel for those whose budget doesn’t stretch enough to incorporate the necessary mods to incorporate the centre laced wheels.

So many choices eh?