Delivery information

Thank you for your interest in our products.

We are based in the UK and we ship globally. If you are an international customer the best way to proceed is to create an Enquiry order as set out below. Once you are happy that the enquiry has been serviced then you can convert the Enquiry into an Purchase.

  1. Add all of the items that you want to your basket / cart
  2. Go to the checkout and if you are not already registered please enter your billing and shipping details
  3. Select the “Local pickup” option for delivery
  4. Select “Cash on collection” as the payment option
  5. Place the enquiry by clicking on the “Place Order” button

This will send the enquiry to us

  1. We will calculate the cost of shipping and inform you of the cost by email
  2. Go back to our website, log in to your account (using the “My Account” menu item) and select the active Enquiry / Order
  3. Use the Search box at the top of the page to search for ‘delivery’
  4. This will find the delivery item which you can add to your order
  5. In the basket purchase as many £1.00 delivery items as is needed to cover the cost of delivery which we told you of in step 6. If the cost is £20 then buy 20 x delivery
  6. Update to your preferred payment method but keep the delivery method as Local Pickup
  7. Update the order and place the order again
  8. If you are paying by direct bank transfer then please complete the payment with your bank, we get notified automatically once payment has been received
  9. We will ship the order 🙂