Front laced knock-off wire wheels (set of 4)

£1,400.00 (Incl. VAT)

Lookin’ good

A set of 4 wire wheels along with the hub adapters, your choice of wheel spinners and your very own lead hammer. Please note that the hand cut Milano wheel spinners are available in this bundle at a discount to the normal price (i.e.the price if purchased separately).

We have two categories of wire wheels and in this front laced category we offer a choice of two wheel diameters. The defining characteristic of these two categories is the front space, that is the space between the wheel hub and the wheel rim.

Front laced wheels have a narrower front space (which effectively means a smaller wheel offset) whereas the centre laced wheels have a deeper front dish. The upshot is that with the centre laced wheels there is enough space for the spinners to sit inboard of the wheel rims whereas with the front laced wheels the spinners sit proud of the rims. The original 60’s classics almost invariably used centre laced wheels.


These front laced 72 spoke wire wheels have a front space which is about half an inch greater than standard Z3 wheels. This means that they will sit nicely within the wheel arch. If, in your opinion, the wheel spinners protrude further out than you would like then there is a very popular modification in which the Z3 hubs and discs are replaced with Z4 equivalents and, with a bit of not-too-stressful engineering, will bring your wheels in by a tad over 20mm. Please see our “document”

These knock-off wheels include hub adaptors and spinners and your very own lead hammer. If you prefer bolt-on wheels then please consider our Dunlop racing style wheels or our cross spoke alloys. If chrome isn’t your cup of tea then select the paint option below and let us know what colour to go with.

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15″ x 6″ and 16″ x 6″  front laced 72 spoke chrome wire wheels with a nominal ET of 18mm.