Centre laced knock-off wire wheel (individual wheel)


We have two categories of wire wheels, the defining characteristic being the depth of the front space, that is the space between the wheel hub and the wheel rim.

Front laced wheels have a narrower front space (which effectively means a smaller wheel offset) whereas these centre laced wheels have a deeper front dish. The upshot is that with the centre laced wheels there is enough space for the spinners to sit inboard of the wheel rims whereas with the front laced wheels the spinners sit proud of the rims. The original 60’s classics almost invariably used centre laced wheels.


These 15″ centre laced 72 spoke wire wheels look absolutely stunning. Right here is that extra level of detail and authenticity that you’ve been looking for. Take a look at any classic car from the 60’s and check out their wire wheels and you will see that style and that level of engineering reflected in these beauties. The dished rims are recessed to allow the wheel spinners to sit within the depth of the wheel rim so no Ben Hur chariot looks here.

You will need to know though that these wheels have a front space which is almost two inches greater than standard Z3 wheels. Unless you do something about it they’re going to extend beyond your wheel arches to an extent that some would consider unacceptable. We would almost certainly recommend bringing them in by at least 20mm by replacing the Z3 hubs and discs with Z4 units (and associated mechanical tweaks). You might prefer to consider our track narrowing bundle which provides you with not only the wheels but also all of the materials and support  that you will need to implement what is otherwise a very challenging procedure.

If you take this option then, when viewed from the rear, the car just looks better, no,… much better than you were just thinking. The wide wheels and tyres nicely fill the available space when compared with say the 6″ wire wheels which can end up looking just a little bit skinny. Cheap? No!, Stunning? YES!!!

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