Hub adaptors (set of 4)


Fasten these hub adaptors on to your Z3 hubs and you’ll be presented with a thread that will allow your wire wheels to use our knock-off spinners. Hub adaptors are right and left hand threaded: Red on the Right and White on the Left (as seen when sat in the car). You’ll be wanting to tighten the spinners in the opposite direction to which the wheel spins when the car is driving forward but don’t worry, it isn’t necessary to take them off and swap them over before reversing. We sell these as a correctly matched set of four. The spinners are also marked Left and Right to avoid confusion

The adaptors have multiple cut outs to suit different PCDs. Please check your vehicle requirements before ordering. The Z3 hub is a 5 stud arrangement with a PCD of 120mm. Our hub adaptors also allow for a 5 stud arangement with a PCD of 108mm and 112 mm. We do not recommend going for something NEAR to what your vehicle needs, we recommend going for EXACTLY what your vehicle needs.

If these are showing as out of stock then the realistic back order lead time is around 3 months…

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5 studs and PCD of 108mm / 112mm / 120mm, 5 studs and PCD of 100mm / 4.25" / 4.5", 5 studs and PCD of 4.5" / 4.75" / 5", 4 studs and PCD of 100mm / 4.25" / 4.5"