Set of 4 16″ x 6″ Front laced wire wheels


A set of 4 wheels bundled with hub adapters, your choice of wheel spinners and a lead hammer. Please note that the hand cut Milano wheel spinners are available in this bundle at a discount to the normal price (i.e.the price if purchased separately).

We have two categories of wire wheels, the defining characteristic being the depth of the front space, that is the space between the wheel hub and the wheel rim. These front laced wheels have a narrower front space (which effectively means a smaller wheel offset) whereas the centre laced wheels have a deeper front dish. The upshot is that with the centre laced wheels there is enough space for the spinners to sit inboard of the wheel rims whereas with these front laced wheels the spinners sit a little proud of the rims.

These 16″ centre laced 72 spoke wire wheels look absolutely stunning and are very much in keeping for the British style of classic car, the Europeans tended to go for the 15″ version.

If chrome isn’t your cup of tea then you have the option to specify (at a very reasonable price) a paint finish of your choosing.

Available on short leadtime, please email us for availability


16″ front laced 72 spoke chrome wire wheels with a nominal ET of 18mm.