Knock-off wheel spinners

Spinners work with our hub adaptors to keep the wheels where they should be for most of the time, on the hubs, not rolling down the road in a worryingly unaccompanied fashion. These knock-off spinners have either right or left handed threads to match the hub adaptors and, as with the hub adaptors you’ll usually need two for each side (unless you’re driving a Reliant Robin or similar).

These spinners fasten your wheels onto the hub adaptors, they wind on in the opposite direction to which the road wheel normally turns (i.e. when driving forward). The spinners come in a variety of shapes and styles and allow for some customisation. We have a 4lb lead hammer which is designed to inflict minimal damage to the spinners when you need to knock them off.

We recently added a CUT version of our spinners to accommodate our spinner badges. The badges slot into the spinner cutouts and add just a little extra style to your wheels and spinners. Please be sure when you select your spinners that you select the right option.

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