We have developed a classic style of ashtray which provides a great location to hide all of your audio control switches. The outside dimensions are 100mm x 70mm and the inner removeable tray measures 80mm x 50mm. There are two versions: externally they are the same but the interior tray is different. The standard inner is an empty box which you can happily cut up and drill to fit your favoutire control switches in. The other inner has all the bits and pieces for dimping out your fags in. Everything is made in marine grade 316L stainless steel.

Both inners pop out easily to reveal the four M4 clearance mounting holes. The inner has corner recesses to accommodate the screw heads, it all fits togethre very nicely.

The ashtray is mirror polished on the outside and shiny enough on the inside this is a great way to keep the looks that you want and the tech that you need all in perfect harmony. The lid is spring loaded and pops up nicely when the spring loaded button is pressed.

The ashtray comes with a gold spray painted flag which is temporarily pinned in place with a bit of wire. It’s like that to allow you to easily remove it and paint it as you like. Once you’ve painted it you can use a bit of grey sealant or a length of wire to help keep it in place. We can offer a gold plated version of the flag if you prefer, the cost for one of those is going to be £60.00 and they are made to order so please feel free to ask.

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