15″ knock-off wire wheels (set of 4)

We have optimised our range of 72 spoke wire wheels to these two 15″ versions. We did it because these are the size and style of wheel that is closest to the original. We have two wheel widths because different people have different requirements and expectations and skills.

The 6″ front laced wheels fit pretty well all round but you may choose to take an extra 20mm (per side) off the rear track just to bring everything in that little bit neater. The rear track narrowing kit can be purchased and fitted easily enough after you’ve decided whether or not you need it having fitted the wheels first.

Our centre laced 15″ x 7″ wheels do the job of ensuring that the wheel spinners sit inside the rim of the wheel but it pushes the rim of the wheel out a bit. The centre laced wheels have a front space which is almost two inches greater than standard Z3 wheels. In this case we believe that the rear track narrowing kit is pretty much essential. We might even suggest that you give us a call to discuss our 40mm per side rear track narrowing kit.

In both cases you might consider our rear camber adjustment kit. When viewed from the rear you will notice that the tops of the wheels are noticeably further in than the bit that hits the road. This will cause extra wear on your tyres and doesn’t look good. If you’re going to be under the car getting things ready then that is a good time to do this, a bit of welding is required. Recently we’ve spoken to other developers with proper engineering facilities that may offer a rear axle swap out deal with the camber adjusters already fitted and the whole assembly cleaned up and powder coated. Give us a call if you want to consider this option.

That’s the meaty bit done, now you have to think about how stunning your car is going to look when it sports these beauties…

Available on short leadtime, please email us for availability

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