Classic reflector (stainless steel)


Get the authentic look with these custom made stainless steel reflectors. We use the RER 22 reflector lens which we have housed in our mirror polished 316L stainless steel bezel. The reflector mounts through a pair of holes on 50mm centres with the supplied and fitted M3x20mm stainless steel bolts. The main difference between this item and existing RER 22 (BCA4568) is the novel mounting method which hides the mounting screws. The bit about being made from polished 316L stainless steel (like the boot handle) not only results in a tough and robust product but also means it ain’t gonna rust.

The reflectors measure 78mm x 40.5mm and are 7mm deep. Similar in style to the Carello reflectors found on some very nice Italian jobs.

Priced at £30.00 each they are E Marked (E8) and carry the SAE 89 mark. The reflector mounts flush to the body but, if required, we can supply a thin rubber washer to make them stand a tad proud.

If you’ve used our GB 676 replacement rear lens rather than the boxy MGB rear lenses then you are going to need a reflector or two so what better way to achieve than than with these.

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