GB 676 replacement rear lens


A drop in replacement for the boxy L676 MGB rear light red lens.

The Lucas L676 lens includes a sticky-out reflector which doesn’t look anything like the rear lights that can be found on classic Italian sports cars, so we developed the GB 676. Out with the old and in with the new. The colour of these rear lenses is as close to the MGB one as you can get (it’s certainly not pink…) The lines in the amber indicator section follow through into the red lens to provide a seamless look. These are not E marked so they are sold as ‘show lenses’, you might want to keep your originals for MOT / daily driving…

The image gallery includes photos of the original L676t alongside our lens to illustrate the extent of the colour and style match.

The replacement lens has been designed to allow for an integrated fog light section. We have a polished stainless steel separator which can be used to divide the lens in half. Not sure how handy this will be but if you have a backplate which can accommodate a fog light then the option for this exists.

Having eliminated the reflector we thought it made sense to develop our own stainless steel reflector in the style of the 60s classics which you can see here. Go on, treat yourself

Items are priced individually.