Classic Italian style boot handle and lock system in stainless steel


We have developed and manufactured a boot handle and lock system which is intended to replace the existing boot locking arrangement on Z3 based kit cars. The solution presents a classic looking boot handle shape and is manufactured in 316L stainless steel which has been mirror polished to provide a deep and lasting finish and which compares very favourably with re-manufactured chromed items which are already on the market. We believe that this is the only classic style of boot lock which will allow you to mechanically unlock the car if, for whatever reason, the central locking fails.

The reason for developing this product was to provide an authentic looking handle which will be durable and functional. We have two variations which use much of the original Z3 parts whilst providing a solution that will allow the boot to be unlocked by a key without the need to provide an insecure pull cable which is often used to access the boot if the battery is flat. The key can either mechanically unlock the boot or it can actuate the original Z3 solenoid and therefore work in conjunction with the Z3 central locking system.

The product options are:

1. Z3 based lock system

2.  Grassbank lock based system

The Grassbank lock employs a flat face on the left hand side which is more in keeping with other locks of that era.

Option 1 Z3 based lock

Choose this option if you have the complete original Z3 parts (for example if you are just starting your build) and if you want to use the full Z3 central locking system including mechanical use of the original key to set / unset the central locking. The supplied kit includes the boot handle, Z3 solenoid mounting bracket and sundry installation items such as cables and a boot handle gasket. In reality, you really only need the Z3 barrel to get started as the other items can be bought on Ebay (see option 2 below).

Option 2 Grassbank based lock

Choose this option if you want to use the Z3 central locking system but do not have the original boot lock push button. If you don’t have the Z3 solenoid these can be bought on Ebay (BMW item 406.205 / 8 361 140). This kit includes the handle, a new lock barrel with a pair of keys, the solenoid mounting bracket and sundry installation items.

What’s included?

Take a look at the photo’s. Everything that you see in the photo’s is supplied by us with the obvious exception of the items in the last photo which are your bits.

The boot handle is a comprehensive system solution. It includes the boot handle itself and all of the components to make the installation a relatively straight forward procedure. The Z3 kit relies on you to supply the push button and the lock and barrel (last image).  The Grassbank version includes our own lock (with 2 keys), push button and the actuator mechanism which links to the central locking solenoid.

In both cases the lock is attached to a backplate by a device which allows the the push button to operate a lever when the system is unlocked or avoid using it when the system is locked. The lever attaches to the boot release latch with a stainless steel cable which is directed where it needs to be by a proprietary cable guide. There is an adjustment facility to ensure that sufficient cable slack can be taken up so that the push button can effectively release the latch.

In both cases a turn of the key in the lock will operate the central locking system. Similarly, using the remote central locking fob will operate the locking mechanism. As with the original Z3 it is possible to lock the boot while having the rest of the central locking system set to open.

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1. Z3 lock based, 2. Grassbank lock based