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We have door top panels to suit both Coupe and Convertible Z3 conversions.

The coupe version is made from galvanised sheet metal which we fold with a precise taper to ensure  that the internal door lines are kept nice and sleek. The ends need to be trimmed and finished to suit your particular requirements. In our case we snip and fold the metal with a nice radius then fill with a fine filler before painting. These fit nicely with both our stainless steel side windows which retain the original Z3 lifting mechanism and with the Tribute supplied side windows.

Coupe door tops are straight edged and so fit with the side window frames, convertibles such as the Tribute Isabella or the DNA 250 have a curved door panel top which follows the Z3 door panel. Our convertible door top panel is made from fibreglass and requires less manipulation to get it in to shape.

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