Door top panel (pair)

£85.00 (Incl. VAT)

Spot the Grassbank difference.

Our door tops are made from galvanised sheet metal which we fold with a precise taper to ensure  that the internal door lines are kept nice and sleek. Unlike fibreglass alternatives, our metal sections keep the thickness of the panel to a minimum, especially noticeable at the mounting points.

The ends need to be trimmed and finished to suit your particular requirements. In our case we snip and fold the metal with a nice radius then fill with a fine filler before painting.

Available from other suppliers in Fibreglass, we make our door tops up from these folded tapered galvanised metal sections because the end product is finer with less bulk especially at the mounting points. The ends need finishing and trimming (we snip and fold the metal to radius things then fill with fine filler before paint – you can tackle it in your own unique way though)