Individual heater control knobs


If your Z3 heater matrix needs to be mounted offset from the front of your dashboard then the extra long heater knobs might help. The stem is 48mm long, overall the knob is 70mm long. You can trim up to 20mm off the stem and so make them fit. Oh, and they look great. They are the same design as our standard heater matrix knob set which we use to mount the heater matrix on the inner face of our dashboard (dashboard coming soon). On this page you can buy knobs of any of the three lengths and in any quantities. While our heater matrix knobs are sold as a set the control knobs on this page are priced individually.

Our standard heater knobs are 40mm (overall length = 18mm stem) for the flow direction control on the left and the temperature control in the centre. The fan speed control is the one on the right and measures 35mm (overall length = 13mm stem).

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13mm, 18mm, 48mm