Our own creation, a retro look rear screen unique to Grassbank conversions.

It took months of work to develop this kit. Our aim was to replace the standard MGBGT rear screen (which is already quite difficult to fit) with a retro look screen that shows off the clean lines of the Coupe shell. We think it was worth the effort—you be the judge.

The Rear Screen is first moulded onto our unique tool before being sent for ’hard’ anti-scratch coating which is applied to the outside in much the same way as opticians now coat our spec’s.

“Too late” I hear you say, “I’ve already fitted mine” but no, don’t worry, we’ve retrofitted this kit to a fully finished car without any damage to the paint so we know it can be done.

Kit Comprises :
1x Rear Screen. Clear Acrylic, moulded, hard coated and trimmed to size.
2x Aluminium ‘bond in’ body channels with ‘trim stud’ holes.
2x Aluminium ‘mark-out’ channels.
2x Trim Sections—Polished 316 Stainless Steel c/w studs and nuts.
2x Trim Joint Covers—Polished 316 Stainless Steel c/w studs and nuts.
2x Cheek Panels—Fibreglass for bonding to the shell/roll cage.
1x Parcel Shelf—Fibreglass moulded. Bolts in on hinge feet, untrimmed.
2x Cheek trim Panels– 3mm Foamex for trimming around the roll cage feet

Available on back-order