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Take a look at the classic 60’s cars and you’ll see that the wide air intake cowl is adorned with a shiny chrome grill. (Not a clunky thick aluminium one…)

We have two versions of our grill, one for the tribute 250 which goes with our own stainless steel grill cowl and one for the DNA 250 which uses the Harrington cowl. The two cowls and therefore grills are quite different and not interchangeable.

Made from shiny stainless steel our grills have a number of attractive features. First of all they come pre-assembled by us, so no faffing about in that respect. We’ve done our best to ensure that the joints are as far out of sight as is practically possible without impacting the integrity of the product. Secondly, count the number of vertical and horizontal slats on a classic car and you’ll see that ours are the same. I mention this because the ones that came with the different kits didn’t. I presume it didn’t because it was difficult / expensive to do a proper job…

The slats are 30mm deep front to back. The DNA version has a 10mm slot around the edges which nicely accommodates the rear lip of the cowl and allows for some variability between cowls. The slats extend 20mm into the cowl and 10mm behind. This gives a great depth to the grill without sucking up all of the fog light space. The grill attaches to the cowl with four M5 stainless steel bolts. I think it looks great. If there isn’t a 10mm gap behind your Harrington cowl then the possibility exists for you to further trim the grill to remove the notched area or to cut slots into the cowl to allow the grill to ease forward.

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Tribute 250, DNA 250 (Harrington)