Rain channels for Coupe side windows (both sides)


Drip, drip drip…….

Get yourself a set of these and channel the rain around the window frame. At speed or parked these channels will help to stop rainwater from trickling down the roof of the car and around the edges of your windows onto your nice leather seats and carpet. These are included in our stainless steel window frames which put the power back into your windows. It’s another Grassbank development which can be retro fitted and which will simply improve your driving experience.

Having just used the word ‘simply’ we would like to point out that fitting these is a non-trivial task. The task is challenging for a number of reasons and so is best tackled at the start of your project.

  • The Tribute body is not symmetrical, we had to undertake quite a bit of body building to get the roof line, particularly on the driver’s side, to a suitable shape
  • The Tribute window frames are not as straight along the top as are our rain gutters. If you are retro fitting them then any discrepancy will be highlighted when presented alongside the rain channels. It may be so bad that the frame will not allow the rain channel to be fitted
  • The front to back alignment of the tribute frame , if already set, may result in an uneven gap around the frame

To mitigate this we offer a template which you can offer up to your car to determine if our rain channels are suitable for your project.